Surefire Pools and Construction have worked with some of the biggest and most established building companies in the Island, providing spray concrete in its capacity to reinforce and blind excavation sites, such as the Geo Marine site at Havelet.


Surefire uses sprayed concrete in many aspects of their work, from pool construction to stabilising and reinforcing cliff edges, walls and basements. Spray concrete or ‘Gunite’ is very versatile and is carried out using a spray machine linked to a compressor, which fires the concrete at great velocity against the substrate, compacting the concrete to unrivalled strength with very little or no shuttering required.


In recent years our sprayed concrete method has been used in several new pool builds, large scale excavation sites in need of stabilisation and strengthening and a structural basement for a local builder in a prestigious new build. With space in Guernsey at a premium, this method of building is a practical solution for many in-ground, stabilisation and civil engineering projects.

Building Site

Stabilisation Project – Havelet Site